Atlantic Baptist Women

This grant helps eXpendable raise awareness, especially among high school students, about the dangers of human trafficking and the sex trade.

survive and thrive
General Baptist WMS

This project reaches out to single mothers and their children.

good neighbours
WMU, Texas

This grant supports 2 female graduates of Baptist seminary as they work in community and leadership development.

beauty inside and out
Atlantic Baptist Women

This project supports young women to leave the sex trade and helps those who have left.

we will announce grant amounts in early 2020. give generously!

Women's Auxiliary, National Baptist

This project will help elementary school children who are struggling and being held back in classes.

restoring hope
Women's Ministry
North American Baptist Conference

Homeless and victimized women, including survivors of human trafficking and domestic abuse will be served through this project.

christian women job corps.
WMU, Texas

This grant supports the Christian Women Job Corps. of Greater Arlington, helping under- and un-employed women prepare for the job market.

red circle youth outreach
American Baptist Women Ministries

This project focuses on disadvantaged high-risk youth who are 13 - 18 years old.

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