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BWNA encourages women to live out Kingdom life, especially in the area of helping the vulnerable

a women's network

The Baptist Women of North America (BWNA) encourages and engages women from 17 member organizations across Canada and the US. We are the North American branch of the Baptist World Alliance Women's Department.


announcing a new series of free leadership development sessions
all run on Thursdays - see dates and times below
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20 mins of prayer every week

it's never too late to observe this day of prayer!

give generously! 50% of your offerings will support these North American projects

pray the prayers of your global sisters from all Continental Unions

fresh prayers and a new program re-designed to inspire you

look at our interactive map and send us your Day of Prayer location


Connections with Baptist women across the continent

Opportunities to develop your gifts and become who God made you to be

Articles, Bible Studies, Media recommendations

Day of Prayer resources with Baptist women across the globe


2018 Year End Video

Darla Dee Turlington profile

Day of Prayer

Recent Articles

That’s Not Innovation

As leaders, there are times when we attempt to rejuvenate our organizations by doing something original, which can be very daunting as we simultaneously work to maintain stability and strength.

When They Expect You to Fail

One of the harshest realities that I’ve had to face as a leader is the discovery that people who I viewed as supporters were actually anticipating my failure.

Learning to Listen

In his presence, I’ve learned that God wants to love the least-sanitized parts of me that my bosses, colleagues and those I serve won’t ever see.
Day of Prayer
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Day of Prayer
On November 1st gather with women in your community as a part of the thousands, upon thousands of Baptist women around the world who will be praying for each other.
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